366 Poems: February 17th, 2016

Mother Octopus (Eight Legs)

One to turn the lamplight on

as the sea turns to gray,

Two to pull the blinds shut

and drive the minnows away,

Three to switch the radio,

the sound, the TV off,

Four to send children to bed

wrapped up in seaweed cloth,

Five to make the coffee

and the meal’s for the next morn,

Six to stroke kid’s sleepy heads

and stop nightmares forlorn,

Seven to lock the house up

and keep prowling sharks outside…

And eight to pull you in so close

and sleep well with the tide.


1 Comment

  1. I’m really not quite sure why I wrote this one… it just seemed to want to be written today. XD I think I was going for how mothers always have to be everywhere at once helping the family and would sometimes enjoy having eight arms… but yeah, I hope you guys enjoy it! 😀

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