366 Poems: February 15th, 2016


I never realized how lucky I was–

to want to go home.

As I’m sitting in a bus

watching a not-so-wonderland of winter go by,

wanting nothing more than to be in my own bed.

My own place.

When I realize that the only problems I am facing

are a winter weather advisory,

a boy who won’t text me,

and a girl who lets me sit alone.

— That girl doesn’t want to go home.

Not when the only people who love her

are going to fade into the blizzard on that bus,

and the people that she loves

are going to hurt her.

— That boy doesn’t think he has a home.

Not when his family changes every few months

and the girl who finally wants to stay

goes away on a Valentine’s day road trip

and yet in frustrated when he’s not in the right place.

— That winter weather advisory is nothing

when it is compared to the storms we all hold.

And that boy and that girl

tell me every day that no struggle is more valid

than another…

But doesn’t it seem like there are those who deserve happiness

a little bit more?

And that maybe, they deserve the first chance

to go home?

“Home of the Universe”


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