366 Poems: February 13th, 2016

Jokes in the Cemetery

When I’m gone,

what will remain of me?

Will I stay as a stone

among a thousand on a hill?

Will I have a grand tomb

for future souls to visit?

Will me name, carved in rock,

so slowly fade away–

or will it stay?

Will I sleep in a bed six feet under,

or is there a better way to go?

Will I become ashes on a beach

riding the currents to paradise?

Will I become the nutrients of a tree

that grows to last centuries?

Will I donate my body to science

and give life to so many

that are still holding on?


That’s the difference between life and death

I say,

because while life goes on,

death can wait for another day.

My time is now, in these laughs,

these loves,

these jokes in the cemetery–


And I know

that I’m living like I’m here to stay.

“For the Country”


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