366 Poems: February 4th, 2016


“It’s all about character development,”

says the holy English teacher

to her class of students in the clouds.

“A character, to really be beautiful,

must have irks and quirks, triumphs and tragedies,

and should never ever be perfect.

Let’s create a boy!

Let’s give him a dark backstory with sorrow and pain

yet keep it as a bittersweet memory.

Make him awkward and different,

outside of the stereotypes.

Give him comfort.

Now take it away!

Send him to a new place filled with horror and dread,

but let it bring happiness.

Let it soften the wounds.

Now create new ones!

Push him against the wall once more.

Let him fall in love.

Let him fall in love again.

Make him crazy! Make him popular.

Make him lonely; make him shy…

Oh the number of possible characters is limitless

and each one can be your hero,

your villain,

your masterpiece…”


Oh, can you see it now,

the writing on the wall?


My friend, you were created

to be beautiful.


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