366 Poems: January 27th, 2016

Better Not Knowing

I know that if I told you

I had dated the boy you liked freshman year

and never mentioned it to you,

that you would scream and cry and run away

and tell me I’m worthless.

I know that if I asked you

for an opinion on my current love,

you would tell me he was horrible and weird

and that I should find someone better.

I know that if I showed you

what religion and politics define me as,

that you would clutch your Bible and head for the hills,

praying that I be saved.

I know that our compassion

is only based on our love for robots,

our daily conversations

only run by deep educational rivalries.

I know that if I had known what type of person you were

before I had known you,

that I would have simply passed you by…


But I know that you

are my best friend,

and that no matter what happens,

I cannot lose you.


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