366 Poems: January 15th, 2016


It’s interesting to think that you and I

are looking up

to different skies.

Like when you told me,

“I pray every night

just so someday

I can turn out the light

and still see the world in your eyes.”

And I said, “I too

send messages up to the blue,

only I do not have one destination.

I have spirits, I have feelings,

I have blues and greens and reds,

or maybe little wise men

with elephant heads!

I have thousands to choose from

and send up a cue

but whenever I get the chance,

I still ask for you.”


Does anyone have more faith

with a hundred

or one?

Or all we all kids with no mother?


Because maybe we’re both wrong

or both right

or long gone…

but at least we believe in each other.

“A Different Kind”



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