366 Poems: January 2nd, 2016

Saturday Blues

I know it’s strange for me to say,

 but I don’t want it to be Saturday

’cause break is gone, and that means stress,

homework, family, friends– I digress!

I’d rather sit fourteen more days

and sidestep all the games life plays,

or simply never have to think:

a vegetable, a kitchen sink.

Oh it’s quite sad, to think it through–

that high school can do this to you,

and make it so much worse to rhyme

or kill the chaos, line by line…


But I’m just one step out the door;

I know it will all mean much more.

When my hair’s not purple but grey,

I’ll wish the weeks had stayed this way.

It’s just a small Saturday blues

to reveal life’s infinite hues…

And if that’s not there in the end,

at least I’ll get to see you again.


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