Today my sister, only two and a half,

looked up into the first waterfall she’d ever seen

and laughed,

a smug grin plastered fresh on her face

as her mother’s worried tone

and my strong soaked hand

were the only things that kept her from running into the torrential mist.

And I admired her happiness

and that she was not afraid–

that she would happily run into the downpour

and drench her clothes

and keep laughing with that look in her eye

as if she believed she could climb the falls.


That’s how I feel

when I’m with you,

and this world tries to rain on our parade.

When the floods cascade over the stones

and my fingers grow numb and cold

and the tears blur my vision,

I will keep climbing.

Because the joy of the challenge

is just too much to ignore,

and the cool crystal stream

feels so nice on my skin–

and I promise you:

when I stand

at the edge of the torrent waters…

believe me,

I am always smiling.

“Cold Waterfall 01”


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