I Need You

I need you in shorts and bare feet,

running through the freezing stream waters.

I need you in your aqua shirt and suit jacket,

your band t-shirts and Bad Wolf sweatshirts,

your scarves and bow ties that you’d show off to me all winter

as I’d get myself lost in your glee.

I need you with your smile in the sunlight

and your eyes as green as the forest that surrounds us.

I need your laughing like marching bells,

as you pull me out of the riverbed

and playfully shove me towards the cliff edges.

And I need your arms around me as you apologize,

as you promise me you would never really do it,

as I begin to shake and you just hold me closer…

You ask me so much why I shake like that,

and there is no voluntary force that I can conjure as an explanation.

But the reason why, I believe,

is how I’m just brimming with happiness,

vibrating under the strength of so many wounds and insecurities

that all just fall away the second you look at me.

… I don’t think you understand the way you look at me,

because your eyes… gosh I could run marathons with that intensity,

and the way you kiss my forehead, so softly,

just to say everything we can’t put into words…

Do you know how much I wish I could know what you were saying?

Because at this point, there is only one explanation…

“I need you.”


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