Forever II

“Oh my gosh oh my gosh what have you done to me!?”

… Oh no, please don’t be alarmed.

For I have had the greatest time

playing forever

and the rules are so much easier than I thought…

Did I tell you that I used to be a realist?

An optimistic one, but one nonetheless?

But I don’t think I can call myself that anymore,

because as I said before,

my sanity’s left me.

Now with you it’s just so easy

to talk about forever,

like it’s just some bridge that we can cross

and still fully understand.

And I’m telling myself, “Shut up! Shut up!

“Let this last,

let me believe,

without any more of the cynicism.”

Because now it’s just so easy

to believe that you’re the one,

and I’ve already come to terms

with you being my first mistake…

so perhaps I should take this now

and keep it for all it is.

After all,

the price of forever can wait another day,

and I could live on this beauty for a lifetime…


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