10 Poems by Bedtime: #10!!


We have seen the most gunshots

and we hide the most holes,

but our white soldiers still stand straight in our mouths

to great the darkness passing by.

It’s been a year since I met you

and you’ve never stopped smiling,

but then again, neither have I

through a million spilled drinks and lost friends.

But for me, I knew I was hiding.

For you, I had no idea

that your entire life had caught on fire

and burned to the ground with everything you owned.

I didn’t realize that you hadn’t ridden the bus

and were wearing the same suit for two days,

because you,

your white soldiers are stronger than mine.

You still laugh at my jokes

and walk in the rain

and tell those annoying kids to shut up.

And it was your strength

that made me realize who we are.

The optimists.

The liars.

The ones who keep smiling for the benefit of others

because our lives seem so insignificant.

I will tell you now

that I do not see you as insignificant.

What I want to know

is what you think of me,

and maybe, for once,

make this smile real.

“Through the Days”


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