Good Luck

I’ll tell myself there’s nothing wrong

every other second of the day,

because I know that my luck is better than this:

this gone for two days,

this, “My phone is broken,”

this absence of something I can’t do without.

You would think that in our connected world,

someone would not be able to disappear,

but you have somehow slipped away

with nothing for me to hold onto but a smiley face

and a, “Talk to you soon…”

That was Tuesday afternoon.

But should I worry this much?

After all,

people just don’t disappear off the face of the earth

no matter how bad their luck may be.

And I know that tomorrow,

you’ll be back in those hallways

and I’ll be able to smile and hug you

and tell you how much I missed you,

while you can tell me about the craziest fever ever

and how your phone chose a really bad time to die.

Am I being too idealistic?

Am I worrying too much?

Oh let me just put it straight; I’m afraid to lose you.

Do you know how long I’ve waited,

how many poems I’ve had to write,

just to get to this one moment and have everything seem so right?

So how can I not worry that I’ll see it fade

just when I look away…?

My last poem was called “Bad Luck”

but I’ve had enough of that.

Perhaps all I need is some good luck

to maybe bring you back.

… So please,

if you’re still out there,

don’t let these lines go on by.

There’s a girl here waiting for you

and for you, she’d trade the sky.


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