Best of Dreams

Last night, I had the best of dreams:

so vivid and so great.

In it, that girl who rides the bus

and can’t look at me straight

told me she didn’t like me

and I said that I agreed.

Then we just went calm and content,

our thoughts finally free.


Then at the school in robotics

another girl walked by,

and I knew that this friend I had

wished he would catch her eye,

so in the hall, he kissed her

and her smile didn’t fade.

So off they walked, and laughed and talked

in their private parade.


And then, as dawn was coming close,

he walked into my mind.

(I wish I could record this part

and keep in on rewind.)

He didn’t sweep me off my feet

or take my cares away.

With breath I drew, I said “I like you,”

and he just said, “Okay.”


Some folks have dreams of flying

to large castles far beyond;

to find lost lands and places

where they feel that they belonged,

but my best dreams are right here

(which some nicely added flair).

Yes, my best wish is a world which

I’m not afraid to care.

“Field of Dreams”



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