We’re Forgetting and We’re Winning

Everywhere I go,

I see people surviving life by forgetting.

And some others would say by forgiving too

but I would just say by forgetting,

because forgiving hurts like hell

and takes everything we are inside,

while forgetting is the easy way

and at least, for some time, works just as well.

Why, we survive on forgetting

like others survive on drugs and alcohol:

to take away life’s troubles,

why not replace them with something else?

It’s the reason I can go to robotics

and stick my head in a greasy gearbox,

while around me the monster trucks are driving their circles

and running over my legs

and pulling out every single happy feeling in me,

but at the moment I don’t care

because this, this cog doesn’t line up.

This is the problem that I need to fix.

Not that.


Those gas guzzlers can be put off for a much stronger, brighter day

when my accomplishments from this day can give me a smile.

Because I’m not building robots.

I’m building myself.

We’re not forgiving and forgetting.

We’re forgetting and we’re winning.

“Flight Through Forgetting”


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