My Catalyst

It takes a village to raise a child,

but I swear with one look you could do it alone.

With a flip of your hair

and flash of your teeth,

this world changes into something of a dream.

And my heart has always

been to slow of a reaction:

when the world was much simpler

than these equations we’re told

and I could look at you

and swear to myself that I wasn’t falling.

Oh, how I swore I wasn’t falling!


how I was a fool to think I could overcome simple physics

and somehow, somehow stop this descent.

Because now I can wait

for the moment I run

round the edge of you soul, hanging on every word.

When I drown all the seconds

and cut off the oxygen

and wait ’til you’re burning up something inside.

And then I just leave when you’re begging for more,

knowing I’ll have more time

for this reaction to come full circle.


But let me tell you…

that all it takes for you to break me

is a smile.


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