365 Poems: December 4th, 2014


I’ve always been a mismatched sort of girl,

but this is not a normal kind of glee

because your smile makes me want to twirl

and you take all the sanity from me.

I’ve mixed up everything I’ve ever done

and broke a lot of hearts along the way,

and sometimes I feel that this life is strung

up on a string so someone’s cat can play.

But you just cut me loose and let me fly

with every laugh and smile that you give.

I’m dancing in each word of your reply

and knowing this is how I want to live,

’cause if you take my hand, I bet you’ll see

that maybe you’re just as mismatched as me.

“She’s a Mixed Up Girl”



  1. I’ve seen so many people throw the word ‘sonnet’ in their tag line to just about every kind of poem imaginable. I guess modern sonnets really have no set form, but its good to see that someone still uses iambic pentameter! Great poem.

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