365 Poems: November 24th, 2014

The American Dream

Around here,

everyone has a story about the star speaking.

About how they looked up one day

in the darkness

and it told them,

“What are you standing here for?

There’s so much for you to do!

There’s so much you can accomplish!

If you just step out

into that big wide world,

imagine the possibilities!”

And oh, we followed it

and found our places in the world,

made our fortunes one by one.

Our factories climbed up to the skies

and spewed smoke into the air,

making our days brighter

and our sunsets prettier.

But now our children look up

into the same wondrous sky

now covered in clouds,

and they ask us where their star is

and why they can’t see it anymore.


How do we tell them

what we’ve done?

“Great American Dream”


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