365 Poems: November 16th, 2014

Let It Snow!

I look up to the sprinkled sky

dotted white of dreary days

and I say, “I remember this.”

Oh, how long has it been

since I first stepped out into this cold

young and free

with voices un-showing?

When this resolution

was just a dream:

a mere idea on a Sunday afternoon

and how it has grown

to not only include myself

but each individual snowflake–

each unique, crystallized word or thought.

Now we cycle back again

and I see myself becoming young once more.

Quiet, and afraid of the future

but also wiser.

For I have seen these blizzards and these tempests

and I have written them all for you

to perhaps help me discover something of myself.

The snow is falling.

The year is ending,

but the journey has just begun.


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