365 Poems: August 14th, 2014

Barbed-Wire Dress

She wears it like it fits her perfectly,

but we can see it is too tight.

The frills don’t hide quite like they used to.

Some days it is too big

and she can’t even see herself behind it.

These are the days when it digs into her skin the most.

She fights to take it off, and she would if she could

but she can’t reach the zipper on the back without stretching

and if she stretches, the sleeves will slide up,

revealing too much of who she really is.

The dress goes to dances and dates and ball games,

but the pictures aren’t worth it when the smile is fake,

because that beautiful outside is simply a cage

to hide what she does not want the others to see,

and if she could take it off

and feel the air with naked skin,

she would realize the scars don’t really look that bad.




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