365 Poems: June 3rd, 2014

If I Was a Dragon…

If I was a dragon–

it would be pretty cool

to live in a castle

with my very own pool.

I’d wear cool band t-shirts

and paint my claws bright green

and the towns in the hills

would all hail me the queen.

I’d capture a damsel

and a prince on the run–

(’cause why should princesses

always have all the fun?)

We’d dance to Oasis–

eat bread and fancy cheese

and then I’d send them off–

because who would believe?

I would be a joker–

crash a town’s Solstice night

and give them fireworks.

It would be quite a sight.

I’d roast wizards and orcs–

some nice ham with their tea.

Take them to Imagine

Dragons concerts with me.

I’d be living the dream

in my own scaly ways–

being feared isn’t fun

but my size always pays.

If I was a dragon–

I would not be no Puff.

Just a girl with a heart

and fire none can snuff.

“23, Oriental Dragon”


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