365 Poems: May 22nd, 2014

A Yellow Wood

Everyone knows Robert Frost’s poem

about two roads in the forest

and the difference it makes

to take “the road less traveled,”

but we rarely ever hear the whole poem.

We don’t hear how he tells this “with a sigh”

and how he doubted if he could ever go back.

You can always be unique.

You can always go your own way,

but is that the price you want

to pay for being lonely?

Dance to the beat of your own drum,

but let others listen to your music.

Don’t spend your life trying to prove a point

if you won’t be happy when you reach the end.

I can’t stand being lonely,

no matter how much I say I do,

but there’s a secret to these roads of life.

You never really have to choose.

“The Roads Not Taken- Inverted”


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