365 Poems: April 30th, 2014

Forgive and Forget

I went on a school trip with you and 8th grade.

We were on a smelly old bus for four hours,

and while I sat quietly with my headphones on,

you ignored me and laughed with the other girls

in the seat across from me,

while I contemplated why I’d ever been friends with you at all.

More than a year has passed since then,

and now we have gone our separate ways…


We went on an orchestra trip this spring

in a big fancy tour bus with unsatisfactory wi-fi.

You sat across from me with your headphones on

while I talked about robotics and English

and played Mario Kart with the boys in the back.

I couldn’t help noticing you trying to disappear

and run away into your own world

where you weren’t being ignored.

You were the same as I had been

so many many miles before,

when we were all trying to be different people.


And that was when I forgave you.

“We Used to Be Here”



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