365 Poems: April 16th, 2014

His Song: “Beautiful”

It’s your freshman year on your very first day.

You’re wandering through the halls so I show you the way.

I take you to your class. You smile behind the frames,

but all the other girls laugh at you and call you names.


We’re the best of friends; you and I on our own.

The only ones who know what it feels like to be alone.

You know they laugh at you, but you’re too strong to cry.

You say that nobody cares and I say they’re scared to try.


You think they don’t love you, but I know that they do.

They’re just trying to hide that they have fallen for you.


Did anyone ever tell you you’re beautiful?

That you light up their world?

That they look around and wish that they could be you, girl?

Could they say your laugh puts a smile on their face?

Could they tell that you’re the only bright thing in this cold dark place?

Have they told you they love you?

Have they shown that they care?

Have they said you’re all they think about when no one’s there?

Do you know you’re beautiful?



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