365 Poems: April 4th, 2014

Dancing Queen

On a bus ride trip 6 hours away,

some girls decided it would be fun to play

a list of old-school disco songs

and maybe even sing along.

The first chords of the retro sound

make the girls up front all turn around.

“It’s Dancing Queen from ABBA Gold!”

“The Mamma-Mia musical!”

The teachers stare. “You know this song?”

“Of course! We used to dance along

with our fathers in princess shoes

in living rooms with carpets blue.

They told us we were dancing queens.

We all wished we were seventeen.”

And every story is the same

of the silly band made of four names.

All the glee grows as the song rings

and we realize why we do not sing.

Now we’re closer to seventeen

and that life is less than a good dream.

But the day is long and the song is loud

for the queens that made our Dads so proud.



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