365 Poems: April 3rd, 2014

Thunderstorm Circus

The sky tells me to run away,

but there are greater storms on my mind.

You think that I would miss the show

just from a few mud puddles?

The police car says I cannot stay here,

but an umbrella’s an umbrella and school is school.

You think that I would leave

after all the work they did to come here?

Grey horses with thunder hooves

pull carriages of cages with creatures so tall

and lions roar from lightning whips

that tell the horses, “Keep running! Keep running!”

that tell the stars, “Keep shining! Keep shining!”

A parade; a performance that flies through the sky.

A circus too short for the thrill I desire.

They tell me not to go.

They say I’m too tall for my own good.

But this is the greatest show on Earth,

and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.



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