English is Cool

In that time, it was hard not to be broken. Everyone has their breaking point, where they finally yell out, “Stop! This isn’t right? Why is everything so wrong?” There was always yelling in that time, and the constant noise covered the world in a deadly smoke, and people forgot that silence was a sound; that the stars could talk.

Hello! So, we watched this video in English class, and I thought it was so cool that I had to share it. I know it looks like it’s just a boring poem, but it is pretty awesome. You just have to watch the whole thing and then you get it.

The writing at the top was also something I wrote for English class about what people in the future would say about our lives today. So yeah, my English class is pretty bleak, but we’re reading “Lord of the Flies” so I guess that makes sense. Anyway, just wanted to share that.



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