October 15, 2012: Believing in Magic

Sorry, only one topic today. I was in  a hurry.

Believing in Magic

I’ll just tell you this now. I don’t like talking about religion. I shy away from the topic very often. It’s very hard to talk about it with me because of what I believe in. As only being thirteen, I am not very sure about what I believe in just now. I do believe that I am a witch, or a Wiccan or Pagan, which is not something that many people believe in. Many people are afraid of this, which I don’t understand why. I usually don’t talk about religion much except with my Dad, considering my Mom does not believe in religion and my best friend is Pentecostal. So, it’s really hard to talk about things. If my friends ever ask me what religion I am, I tell them that I am a Unitarian Universalist, since that is the church I go to. I have to say that it is one of the coolest places ever. You could never have a conversation like the ones my friends there and I have on just a normal day. I could get in serious trouble.

The world today is completely centered around Christian beliefs. Even at my church, where all religions are equal and anyone can believe what they want, we have to learn about Christianity a lot during class because it will be hard to get through life without knowing some of the basic facts. you will have to know these things for college and work and just basic conversation. In class today someone asked what paganism was. I think my student teacher, which I feel sorry for, had a lot of trouble trying to explain this without putting in her opinion. The final definition was “in Christianity, it means someone who worships fake gods”. This made me a little angry because it was not the real definition, but I kept quiet because I did not want my small number of friends to start a witch hunt. I think that there are a lot of assumptions made in life. People never try to, but everyone is always assuming what people think is right, what they believe in, and what normal is. All my friends think I am Christian. I am sure of that. I know that they are good friends and that everyone is equal. They are Christian, but they have been to Unitarian Universalist churches before. Everyone is always assuming that I think the same way they do. It’s why my best friend always wonders why I don’t care about my hair or getting a boyfriend or going to the school dance. I’m just not like normal people, which I hope some people will understand.

This is one of my greatest fears. I am writing a book called “The Nameless Book” right now, which seems like a funny name for a book, but it was what I came up with. I really want to publish this book, but there is something I’m worried about. There is a story in the book that the main character reads that is very important to the stories theme.

“When the world was being created,” the book says. “Two creatures wanted to control it. They were the angels and the demons. They got into a huge war that lasted thousands of spins. In the end, the angels finally won. The leader of the angels, named Sun, was kind to all living things. He felt bad for the demons, so he let them control half of the world. The demons control the evil and the dead, and the angels control the kind and the living. The demons were sent to the underground and the angels were sent to the sky. Now, every time you look up at the sky, you can see Sun and all the angels glowing in the darkness.”

My biggest fear is that someday when my book is famous someone will come up to me and say, “I loved your book and I loved your thoughts on religion. It made me feel like I was closer to God.” Someday I’m going to freak out because someone is getting the wrong idea. I wrote this in my book because it went with the main theme. The theme is that titles like names and religions don’t mean anything. No one can be classified by one thing. No one is entirely good and no one is entirely evil. Names seem to mean everything to people because once you are born that is what you are known as, when your name could say something about you that isn’t like you at all. You can’t judge a book by its cover, which is why my book is nameless. Now I have tried to write my book in many different points of view, including this, which is sort of Pagan/Native American.

The Legend of Fire

When the world was new, the elements banished Fire from the planet. Water said she would never be any help.  Air said she was uncontrollable and would destroy everything in her path. Earth said she didn’t understand the creatures of the planet and they ran away whenever she came near. They all thought that the world could not be perfect while she lived there. so they sent her into space and left her there. there she cried fiery tears and destroyed everything she could see. her tears became the stars. the smashed bits of sky became the planets and asteroids. while Fire lived in space, the world had gotten cold and dark. Earth’s creatures died and Water froze and Air never moved. They knew that Fire had to come back, so they went up to see her. By then, Fire’s sadness had turned to anger. the other elements begged for her to come back, but she refused. Earth tried to convince Fire to come back. Fire said that she would if Earth admitted that she was more beautiful. Earth, who was always talking about her beauty, refused. So Fire grew angry and fought Earth, turning her smooth skin bumpy with mountains and valleys. air then tried to persuade Fire. Fire told Air that she would come back if he admitted that she was smarter than him. Air, who was always trying to prove how smart he was, refused too. So Fire sent him back, but not before she turned him into a confused spinning whirlwind that created sandstorms and tornadoes. Then it was water”s turn. Water was unlike the others. He was shy and never spoke out against Earth and Air because he knew he wasn’t as perfect as them. So water went up to Fire and told her how the world was dying without her, how her beauty and strength kept the world running. Fire was surprised by Water’s honesty. It made her happy, so she smiled and kissed him. This made him fill up with warmth and created the clouds and rains. Fire came back to the world with Water, leaving the new sky behind. Earth and Air were happy. After all, nothing can be perfect without a bit of imperfection; and love and beauty can’t exist without destruction.

So, what do you believe?

Click back next week for more topics from a real girl’s thoughts, where no name comes between what’s in your head and what’s out of it.


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