September 24, 2012: Middle School And Other Extreme Sports

Today I will only be talking about one topic, which actually including many topics in it. It is because it has been something that has been bothering me for the past week and I need to explain it to the world.

Middle School and Other Extreme Sports

I’m guessing that that most of the people who have looked at my blog so far are either in college or grown-ups, so they were probably in Middle School  a while ago. My Mom tells me about what her life was like when she was in Middle School. When she was in 8th grade, you could get sent to the principal’s office for having gum. Well, that is definitely not the case now. The only reason that you can’t bring gum to class now is because this will happen.

Sorry, I had to put a Pirates of the Caribbean picture in. Anyway, this basically shows that all you will have after everyone has stolen your gum is an empty package.

In a way, Middle School is definitely an extreme sport. I don’t think it was that way in the first place. I think that as new kids have gone to middle School we have grown up a little in a sense. Now Middle School is more like high school and high school is more like college and college is just where people are happy they aren’t technically grown-ups yet. Personally, I think Middle School is messed up; very messed up. The things that people I know do are just not right anymore.

Here is an example: At my Middle School, everyone has a boyfriend or a girlfriend You could ask anyone and they would be like, “Oh, I’m dating this person.” There is just no meaning to the term single anymore. Well there is, but the kids who are single are usually known as the nerds or the geeks or sad people who have no life. I don’t have a boyfriend and I definitely have a life. Also, middle school girls never just have one boyfriend. They have many boyfriends, pretty much a new one every single week. They will just get tired of the old guy and break up with him for his best friend. Somehow the guys don’t seem to mind either. When a guy breaks up with a girl, that is a different story. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a girl crying in the bathroom because her boyfriend broke up with her. They’ll freak out about it and then they’ll probably get back with their old boyfriend and be really happy and then break up again and start crying. It’s a vicious cycle. Also, when kids have boyfriends and girlfriends for a long time they think that they actually love them. That’s when they get really sad when they break up because they thought that they really loved him and they won’t be able to live without them.One of my best friends, I’ll call her J for now, said something while we were waiting for the bus that I thought was very smart.

“When kids are in 8th grade, their minds are barely beginning to understand complicated math like Algebra and Geometry. If their brains can’t understand equations and variables, how do they believe that they understand what love is? When your dating someone in 8th grade, you need to remember that you are in 8th grade. It’s very unlikely that you will love this person for the rest of your life, so why do people fuss so much when someone breaks up with them? They’ll probably find someone else to love the next day.”

I think that what she said was the smartest thing I have ever heard. Sadly, J is one of the girls who always gets made fun of. Her parents are not the best parents and kids are always laughing at the clothes she wears because they are her sister’s hand-me-downs. I don’t understand how people can be so mean to the people who actually make sense.

The way I see it, 90% of the kids in my school are completely insane. There are 10% of the students that are normal. I told this to my Mom and she just laughed and said, “Of course your part of the 10%. Of course everyone else is insane.” I don’t think she understood what I meant. The 10% are the kids who are like me. Most of them have never had dates. They are the ones who are really smart and get all of the good grades. They are the ones who never make fun of a teacher or talk back in class. They are the ones others call nerds or goths or nobodies. Most of the kids in the ALP’s class are part of the 10%, but some kids who are in ALP’s aren’t and some who are not in the ALP’s class are. It really just depends how you act. The kids who are the 10% are not afraid to say what they feel. They do crazy things because they think that it’s fun, not to impress others. At lunch, they talk about real life problems and not about how stupid the homework was. They are the girls who can still be just friends with guys. They are the guys who can still be just friends with girls. They can spend a week on a discussion in class and actually enjoy it. They help each other when they need it and laugh with the people who trip up the stairs and fall of the cafeteria chairs. One of my friends said once, “I’m awesome because I trip up the stairs. I bet you can’t trip up the stairs. I have skills.” This was followed by lots of laughing.

But how do I know that the other 90% aren’t like us? Why doesn’t my Mom understand that I am not just saying that I am a cool person? Well, I’ll put it in terms that will make more sense.

There are about 250 kids in my school. This is a rough estimate.

I know at least 4 people in the school who are not virgins anymore. That is 1.6%.

I know 4 people who bring electric cigarettes to class to smoke when the teacher isn’t looking. That is another 1.6%.

I know 30 people who have texted during class. That is 12%. I am guessing that 50% have actually texted during class.

I walk through the 8th grade locker bay every day and I can never get through without hearing at least 5 curse words. I can’t get through the day without hearing people curse 45 times. I know that every kid in 8th grade has cursed at least once. That is 50% of the school. I wonder what the 7th grade locker bay is like.

My 10 year-old brother said a curse word yesterday. I never said curse words when I was 10.

In 7th period every Friday, it takes the woman on the intercom 3 minutes to read off all of the names on the Friday School list.

90% of the kids in my school  have done one of these things. There are 10% who haven’t.

And my Mom’s teachers were worried about gum?

I’m hoping that I am wrong. I am hoping that there is more than just 10% of us. I added one more person to the list not long ago. There is a boy in my 5th period class who I was sure was part of the 90%, but the more I have gotten to know him I have realized that he is a smart guy. He knows what’s right and whats wrong; he’s just found a way to get into the circle of popular kids. I hope that there are others like him, more kids who are part of the 10% but are hiding because they don’t want to be made fun of. I’m hoping that kids like my brother won’t go to Middle School with these same statistics. I’m hoping that these things will change, but I’m guessing it won’t. When I talk to younger girls I already feel like I am old-fashioned, because they all have iPods and Facebooks  and boyfriends and wear makeup. Whatever happened to being cool of you had read every Harry Potter book? So, I guess things may never change. I guess they might just get worse. But what do you think? Do you think grown-ups and older kids can change things? Can they teach younger kids how being cool really is? What is your side?

Are you part of the 10%?

– Click back next week for more topics from a real girl’s thought, where no name comes between what’s in your head and what’s out of it.




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