September 17, 2012- The World On A Piece Of Paper

I’m glad everyone likes my thoughts so far. As for the suing the school thing, I haven’t heard anything new about it yet. Who knows?

 A Book on How To Do Absolutely Everything (except read; you should know that)

In school, I am part of a class called the ALP’s class, otherwise known as the Advanced Learning Program. This could also be known as ACE or MAPS or LAUNCH or somethign else in all caps. It basically means we are smarter than the average bear; or person depending on what situation you are in. Last year, I loved being in ALP’s. I met a ton of great friends and I was glad that I was finally part of a class that challenged me. Of course, it was still pretty easy. We all thought that it wasn’t that challenging. That was last year. This is this year. I think we all realized that things would be harder this year when we were assinged a paper on thesecond day of school in Social Studies. We were given a rubric containing the rules of what we were supposed to do. We were supposed to write a small biography of our lives including our talents, interests, and things that have impacted us. We would also have to include pictures of evidence that supported what we were writing and a bibliography that contained the sources of our evidence. It seemed a little harder than what we usually had. I don’t think many of us got the whole evidence part. “Come on,” I thought. “I’m here. That should be evidence enough.” Still, the paper seemed to tell us everythign that we needed to do, so we started working on the project. (With no time to work on it in class by the way. That was not an option.)

It was the day when we were going to get our grades for our project. I had guessed tht I had aced it. We all did. That was before our Social Studies teacher came in with our Language Arts teacher, who had also been helping us on the project. For that class period, we basically listened to a lecture on how the whole class had pretty much failed the assingment. They told us that they thought that we should be smarter than that and should have known how to do the project since it was all given to us on a paper. We were all handed out our papers and we looked at them solemly. I got a 43/50, which I don’t think is a failing grade on most grading scales. After that class we all had many conversations on that project, and we all had done one thign wrong. Apparently, everyone had either forgotten to do their bibliography or had not cited their sources correctly. This puzzled me a bit. One, I’m pretty sure that the teacher did mention that we needed a bibliography the day before it was due, but it was never mentioned on our paper. Two, the only bibliographies we had ever done were doen with, and we had no idea that we had to cite quotes and other thigns like that besides sayign their name below it. The next day in class, we had another conversation about the project. This is when my friend said something.

Now, last year I had loved my Social Studies teacher. I learned more from her than I had learned in any other class. One thing that I liked about her was that after projects, we could tell her what we didn’t like about the project so she could make it easier for the class that did it next year. One of my ALP’s friends must have been very used to doing that, so during that class she raised her hand and told our teacher that to make it easier for the kids next year, she might want to give them a lesson on how to make a correct Works Cited page. We could all tell that our teacher was tryign very hard not to yell at her. “None of you asked if you needed any help!” she said. “You all said that you knew what the assingment was. You all said you knew what you were doing, so I didn’t do a lesson on it.”

So, I guess this part of today’s topics is just my ranting on what bad teachers are, and I guess it could just be my anger for not getting a perfect score. But, if you are a teacher or do teaching of any kind, I just want you to know this. The whole point of teaching is that we don’t know anything. we are basically just newborn children tryign to learn our first words. And yes, you can assume that we know how to do the basic things, but if we don’t understand things, don’t criticize us. Don’t put us down and make us feel stupid. We just need to learn a bit more. There is nothing wrong with making a mistake once in a while. And also, if you ever get angry at us, we’re just learning. We don’t know what is right and what is wrong. And if  you do give anyone a paper and tell them that everythign they need to know is on that paper, don’t mention that they need to do somethign else the day before they have to finish it. It’s just not helpful.

Doodling: The Art of Boredom

We have all done it once in our lives. There is no hiding it. Doodling is a hidden art form that no one has ever discovered, which they really should because they could make a lot of money off of it. I can tell you tht I have definitely done my fair share of doodling. My notebooks and agendas are covered in tiny little drawings. I don’t know why but I just focus better when I am drawing something. I don’t think that people realize how much we learn about ourselves from doodling. Some people think it is like dreaming when you are awake. Anything that comes to your mind goes onto the paper. It’s how we can relieve stress. If you draw hearts, then you must be thinking romantic thoughts that day. If you draw flowers, the you are a friendly person. If you write song lyrics, then you must have had a song stuck in your head. You can learn a lot from your doodles. Here are a few of mine.

These are the words in the center.
“Give me a reason. Tell me. Let me know. whisper the words. Say it. Show me you care. Speak to me. Say the words you see in front of you. Answer the question. Speak now. Give it away. Tell a story. say what you think. Speah your mind. Tell me you love me!”

I learn a lot of stuff about myself from what I write. I guess it’s sort of my own personal way of doodling. anyway, I am going to end today with an excerpt of a short story I am writing. I am sorry that I did not have better topics this week. I had lots of trouble thinking about what to write today. Anyway, this is part of a story that I call, “The World’s Notebook”. It is a story about what happened when I (or an older version of myself) met the world in a coffee shop one day. Yes, I know it sounds weird, but I worked on it a lot today during a science lecture. Click back next week for a new set of topics from a real girl’s thoughts, where no  name comes between what is in your head and what is out of it.

The world asked why I was here, why I was hanging out in this dirty place that didn’t even serve good coffee. I told him about how I was a writer and I came here for inspiration. “I guess I am lookign for inspiration too,” he said, and he pulled out a notebook. It was a thin blue notebook, the ones that you could buy at the store for 50 cents. He opened to a blank page and as he flipped through the papers I noticed that they were all covered in pictures. they were doodles of animals and shapes and just random things. “Drawing is a hobby of mine,” he said to me. “I just love art.” The world loves art. I guess that made everything make a bit more sense. Anyway, he turned to a blank page and started drawing. I watched as he drew a small mushroom cloud on the corner of the paper. “Why a mushroom cloud?” I asked him. “They are easy and fun to draw,” he said. “I don’t know why but I always seem to cover my papers with them. It’s just a thign I do.” I nodded in agreement, but not before I heard a loud boom from across the street as the whole coffee shruddered a tiny bit. People at the tables just kept looking at their laptops and not paying attention, not noticing the smoke that was floating across the windows. I really wanted to leave and just get this whole crazy coffee break over with, yet I didn’t want to just walk out on the world. I just thought that I might get punished for that in the future somehow. So I just sat there and watched the world draw and being happy that I decided to not go to the McDonald’s across the street. According to the amount of sirens, I was guessing that it was worse than someone pasing out from the two-for-one deal.

So I just sat there and wtche the world draw. At one point he started to draw a giant spiral that seemed to go on and on. That was when a small hurricane came out of nowhere and blew the city around. At another point he drew some zig-zagged lines. When he did that, lightening started to fork the sky. I wondered if he realized what he was doing, that world of ours. I wonder if he knew that he was creating all of the disasters outside that door. I mean, you never put much thought into doodling, but I guess when your the world even the smallest scribbles can become the biggest problems. I was glad that the world like to have a little fun. I was fine with that. But I guess when you are such an important person you don’t really clean up the mess you make. I guess you just leave your servants to sort it out. I’m guessing that that was what we had been doing for the past millions of years. No wonder the world had been a ball of fire in the beginning. He had to do all of the work before we came along. I guess that just tired him out. It would be nice if he could do that again instead of hanging out in coffe shops, though to be honest I don’t really want a river of lava flowing in my front yard. Still, I wished that he would stop drawing in that book and stop causing all of our problems. I wonder how bad it would become if he started using words.

That day I left the coffee shop not just with my notebook, but also with the world’s notebook. “Goodbye!” I yelled to him. “I was nice to talk to you. Have a nice day!” He didn’t pay much attention to me; he just waved a small wave and kept drinking his coffee. I’ve kept that notebook forever since, even though I am pretty sure he found a new one. As far as I know the thunder is still striking and the hurricanes are still rolling. I do think Mt. Saint Helens blowing might have been my fault though; unfortunatly. I think the world might have needed to fix a few things and needed a little extra energy. I’m at least glad that I might have given the world a bit longer before it will finally give up and end. It will probably end a few million years after 2012 becauseI gave him that day of a setback. Who knew doodling could change so much? So that’s my story. I guess I’ve been here a while telling it, haven’t I? I forgot about the soccer practice that I will have to go to in the morning. Well, I don’t think that I will have to worry about it. I’m guessing that it’s going to be rained out. yep, it’s definitely going to rain. Guess practice will be canceled again. now, if you will excuse me, I have to go and do some drawing. 😉


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